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How to DJ at Your own Wedding With Just an iPhone

Published by Nicholas Yeandle on 06/04/2020
AV Tips

In an age of user-friendly technology, and with the rise of intimate weddings, the idea of DJing at your own wedding is not absurd, but does require careful consideration. Becoming your own music czar allows you to stick to a tight budget without compromise, select carefully curated playlists to match the mood of every moment of your day, and pre-arrange guest requests. However, there are things to consider to ensure that your DJ-less wedding... Read More

Mackie SRM Sound System and Subwoofers - Product Highlight Series

Published by Jake Wright on 09/01/2020
Product Highlights

For this week's product highlight we've selected one of our most popular sound systems, the highly regarded Mackie SRM450 V3 speakers and accompanying Mackie SRM1550 subwoofers.Not only do the Mackie speakers offer brilliant value for money, they're easy to operate and feature a sleek design. With our Mackie sound system package you get two speakers, speaker stands and a mixer with all necessary cables to connect everything and... Read More

Staging and Truss Systems - Product Highlight Series

Published by Jake Wright on 02/01/2020
Product Highlights

Our staging of choice is Prolyte StageDex, and we stock it in large quantities and various sizes, as it is among the strongest and most versatile stage system on the market.Stages are constructed from individual pieces of staging of various sizes that are connected together with special clamps to create a much larger overall stage area. These decks are incredibly versatile and come in a wide variety of shapes, lengths and widths. The height of... Read More

QSC K8.2 Sound System - Product Highlight Series

Published by Jake Wright on 19/12/2019
Product Highlights

Our QSC K8.2 sound system is an AV xpert favourite and is our speaker of choice for larger corporate speeches, any outdoor event and even intimate indoor performances.The K8.2 speaker comes packed with useful features and some great specifications. We particularly love its 2000w power module, multi-function on board display and best in class audio quality.Weighing just 12KG and including top and side handles, you'll be able to effortlessly... Read More

Creative Lighting - Product Highlight Series

Published by Jake Wright on 27/11/2019
Product Highlights

This week we're reflecting on something enlightening. A light-hearted look at one of the brightest ideas we've got in our product inventory - Creative Lighting!Up lightingUp first is Uplighters! These uplifting devices are used to highlight certain aspects of a room or building, whether the focus is on a certain architectural feature, beams of accent colours or individual pieces, such as cake stands, table tops, or the dance floor. Up... Read More

Peavey PV6 BT Bluetooth Mixer - Product Highlight Series

Published by Jake Wright on 21/11/2019
Product Highlights

Mixing its way into this week's product highlight series is the Peavy PV 6 BT compact mixer! It's fair to say we're quite fond of this neat little unit. It packs everything you would ever need from a very small form factor mixer, which is why we include it with all of our sound system hire packages.Mixers are an important part of any sound system. On the surface, they allow you to combine inputs from microphones, instruments and... Read More

Dancefloor Disco Lighting Choices - TPAR vs Warlock

Published by Jake Wright on 20/11/2019
Product Highlights

When hiring lighting for an event, it's important to consider all of the options available to you. This article focuses on the two dancefloor lights that we believe to be the best in their class. This is why you can chose between them when hiring our party packages. The ADJ Warlock and the ADJ DOTZ TPAR are both fantastic party lights but do very different things and can create very different atmospheres.DOTZ TPARThe TPAR features four... Read More

Event Power Distribution - Product Highlight Series

Published by Jake Wright on 13/11/2019
Product Highlights

This week in our product highlight series - Power Distribution! While we know this isn't technically a single product, some of our team love it so much that they've managed to convince me to add it to our product highlights.Power distribution is often called, admittedly mostly by us, the unsung hero of events. While most people only see the mildly inconvenient cable ramps and bright blue and red plugs, there is a whole lot more that... Read More

JBL EON ONE PRO - Product Highlight Series

Published by Jake Wright on 06/11/2019
Product Highlights

Welcome to our product highlight series - we are kicking off with the EON ONE PRO PA speaker from JBL. This great little setup is one of our most popular, and most versatile PA setups, packing an 8-inch bass module along with a collapsible array of six 2-inch drivers. This bass module gives the Eon One Pro an unbelievable punch for its small size and is guaranteed to impress.The party piece of the EON ONE Pro is its rechargeable lithium ion... Read More

5 Simple Tips to Help you Plan the Perfect Christmas Party

Published by Matthew Jolly on 06/10/2019
AV Tips

Christmas is certainly one of the most exciting times of the year! However, planning any kind of Christmas party, especially one for your work colleagues, can be stressful. This is why we have taken the time to put together 5 top, yet simple, tips to help you plan the perfect Christmas party.1) Book Well in AdvanceSimple laws of supply and demand. Almost all companies will be throwing a Christmas party in the coming months, and you may find... Read More